Birth to
One Year Old

Newborn and infant development support to help your little one thrive in the early stages

Areas of Support:

Developmental Support

Supporting all areas of development – learning to hold items, self feed, engage in tummy time, roll, sit, crawl, walk, and everything in between

Fussy Babies

Fussy infants and tension throughout body – examples: following crowded in-utero positioning, pre and post tongue/lip tie procedure, concerns with reflux, and fluctuating sleep schedules

Infant Massage

Infant massage to support your baby’s digestive system, nervous system, sleep, and how your baby’s body moves and rests

Feeding Support

Feeding support – Introduction of bottle, transition to solids and purees, positional support for feeding

Known Conditions

Babies with known conditions that may impact developmental progression such as down syndrome, NICU graduates, neurologic conditions, limb anomalies, intra-uterine drug exposure, etc

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